Hiring procedure

  • 1Entry
  • Fill out the information in the registration form.
    Register by phone: 03-3770-617203-3770-6172 (from 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
    Questions or queries, please contact.

    After registration we will contact you within 3 working days. Inform the content of the desired job or consultation. Setting the date of the interview, please write down the location of the interview, documents required and telephone number of the person responsible.

  • 2Interviewing
  • The first selection (interview) will be held in our company. We will ask concerning the work experience, desired working conditions, aptitude test and analyze whether it fulfills the necessary requirements.

    In the interview should bring the curriculum vitae and the identification (such as driver's license). Will be filled in the registration form.
    The person in charge explained the details of the service. Any questions you ask at time of interview.

  • 3Selection
  • Refers to the interview at the contracting company.

    Do not be late for the interview. If there is a risk of delay, inform in advance. The person in charge inform the time and place of the interview. In case of any doubt please ask without unreservedly

  • 4Unofficially offer
  • After the interview at the company, we will contact you for acceptance within a few days. There is also a case that is determined on the interview time.

    In case of approval will be explained the start date of the work and the procedures for entry in the company. If in doubt ask us.

  • 5Assignment
  • If approved in the workplace away, there will be preparations for the change. We present the accommodation and give necessary assistance.

    If you use our accommodation, we will explain about the household, the neighborhood information in advance. Any questions can ask the person in charge.

  • 6Starting work
  • Starting work on a new job, appear numerous concerns. Let's consult the person in charge.