Provide candidates with potential andappropriate profile

Ability to respond immediately to
urgent requests for hires

Benefits offered: Social Security, housing, uniforms,transportation to the workplace

We offer the right solution
for the future for your company


The Twenty First Co., Ltd. has a wide network of search candidates in Japan and abroad, including Brazil.
It aims to provide better results both for the company and person.

Since founding, the company came conquering high degree of trust between the contracting company.
We work with the largest electronic manufacturers and many leading companies.

Three unique points of our company


System outsourcing mainly composed
of Brazilians of Japanese descent
(Available hiring Brazilians and Japanese)


Marketing experience:
Over 25 years of experience in sourcing,
accumulating the know-how, and
the high reliability of the business customers.


Hiring small and large numbers of workers
(100 over 200).

Guarantee of qualified personnel

To ensure the hand-qualified labor,
in the interviews are conducted the evaluation of academic performance and
the finger test (including assessing the level of Japanese language)

We offer a variety of services

Production, inspection, repair, quality control of electronic office equipment.

Production, inspection, repair, quality control of electronic products.

Production, inspection, repair, quality control machines and precision equipment.

Production, inspection, repair, quality control of chemicals.

Production, inspection, repair, quality control of printed circuit boards and Optical Pickup

Maintenance of audio visual equipment system and semiconductor device.

Production and assembly of auto parts.

Food production (Toppings, etc.)

We are pleased to offer our clients personalized service,
complementing individual outsourcing needs.

For Staff

We offer excellent working environment with Social Security, dormitory, uniforms and pickup bus.
The company adopts a support system as varieties of training and supervisors to provide assistance.
You can start to work right away safely.