Privacy policy

The Twenty First Co., Ltd. as a company providing services in human resources, in accordance with the laws and regulations in relation to personal information, is committed to the management and protection of data.
Regarding the personal identification number or data containing the same, (hereinafter referred to as specific personal information) we are aware of the importance of managing and ensuring data security. We will comply with related laws (called Law of use of the identification number) to the use of the personal identification number for administrative purposes and procedures will also take the necessary precautions to protect the security, integrity and privacy of personal data.

Compliance with laws

We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal data protection.

Acquisition and use of personal information

At the time of collection of personal data will be clarified its purpose and will be collected only the data necessary for the purpose of use.
Data will be collected properly by obtaining consent.

Provision of personal information to a third party

Personal data will not be provided or disclosed to third parties without explicit consent, except for the following cases:

  • Based on the laws and regulations
  • To protect human life, body, property, and that has difficulty obtaining the consent of the person.
  • In cases to need to cooperate in a government institution, in a local public entity or person assigned, the order to perform the operations prescribed by law, but obtaining the consent of the person will be able to hinder the execution of the transactions concerned.
  • If there is explicit consent from the person

Management of company entrusted

As for the provision of data, contractors will be selected to meet the information protection criteria, being managed and inspected.

Personal Information Security Measures

Avoid risks of illegal access, loss, destruction falsifications and leaks of personal information by implementing systematic security measures and preventive measures.

Complaints and inquiries relating to personal data

Requests or complaints to disclose, correct, delete personal information will be processed without delay after the application procedure through the contact phone number.

Continuous improvement of the Protection of Personal Information Regulations

Regarding the Personal Information Protection committed to continue with the periodic review to improve the processing of personal information.

Enactment date:March 1, 2016

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